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Home Daily News Geek Life – August 1st – August 12th

Geek Life – August 1st – August 12th

Galaxy S3 playing Metal Slug 2 while hooked up to the TV with PS3 controller! Ever see an iPhone do that? NO!

Quite a few activities within these two weeks leaving me little time to update this site. I know I say that every time but it’s true! I went out for a hike in Burbank, CA, went to the Dodgers game in a VIP suite for work, and of course had great food as always. I did get an HDMI cable for the Galaxy S3 to run emulators off of it and onto the plasma TV while having it paired to a PS3 controller!

I love waking up to food like this everyday!

A dose of Yoshinoya for lunch!

Home made pho! My mom makes awesome Vietnamese food!

HDMI adaptor for the Galaxy S3 and Mortal Kombat for the Vita… $10 each!

Shrimp fried rice for breakfast

Another one of Karo’s Shrimp Fried Rice variations!

King Taco is a great place for some tacos, burritos, and nachos if you are in the LA Metro area

Want a quick and awesome lunch buffet? Sizzler is the place to go!

Picked up a Canon Rebel XTi on Craigslist! Awesome camera, awesome deal!

She was of course happy and excited and we took photos when we went hiking!

Hiking in Burbank, CA

Cafe Bizou in Pasadena is a great place for brunch!

Shrimp and Vegetable noodles for a light dinner

Got VIP suite tickets for Dodgers vs Rockies. Dodgers lost to the worst team ever but I did get some free food and beer out of it!

Times sure have changed over the years! Imaging getting a cute Hello Kitty case for that Radio!

Had dim sum with friends at Elite in Monterey Park, CA. Nothing like good chinese food in the 626!

Some shaved ice for a hot summer day!

Kitty Stretch!

Red Bull and Vodka at LA Live!

Running around like an idiot at the beach in Malibu and disregarding the DO NOT ENTER sign!

Had sushi at Maki & Sushi in Arcadia, CA. Some of the best in town!


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